Artwork by Ariel K. Hill
Curated by Cheyenne Mapplebeck
Inspired by Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe cultures as well as the environment, indigenous artist Ariel Hill seeks to explore the relationships between the natural world and human experiences. It is Ariel’s hope that by honouring the visual beauty and fine details that exist within nature, she might evoke a sense of connection between the viewer and the subject matter. Over the past few years, Ariel’s practice has begun to reflect more and more of the culture that connects her to the land as an Indigenous woman. From this, Lunar Reflections began to form.
Lunar Reflections invites viewers to explore the teachings of the thirteen grandmother moons through intricately designed glass vessels and beaded works. Each moon represents a time in the year that connects people to the land and to spirit. These moons each have a powerful story intended to guide us and remind us of our deep connections to the earth. How it heals us, how it nurtures us, and how we must protect and respect the earth in turn.
The Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery | January 28 to May 21, 2023
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